The Benefits and Advantages of Precast Concrete Jobs at Cemcast

Jan 31, 2022 | In the News

Within the current volatile job market and economy, many skilled laborers and workers are finding themselves stuck in a workplace that lacks consistency, positivity and collaboration.

And with seasonal layoffs and constantly changing demands, workers within manufacturing and industrial spaces are struggling to just stay employed. That’s where we step in to make a difference.

Cemcast Pipe & Precast strives to provide a work environment that can’t be matched anywhere else. Through our core values as a company, we provide every employee the chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves in order to create a product they can be proud of.

How We Produce Results for Our Clients

The main goal of our company is to be an efficient, high-quality partner our contractors can rely on for precast concrete. This goes beyond producing a product above industry standards–it requires every single employee to have motivation to provide the best service and work possible.

We are unique in that we control our entire manufacturing and delivery process. Estimators, production team members, mechanics, welders, forklift operators, and truck drivers are all part of the Cemcast workforce, allowing us to focus on quality and refining our craft.

Every worker is essential to us, which is why we treat them as such. Without a skilled, energetic and happy team in place, we wouldn’t meet the deadlines and exceed the expectations of our contractors.

Why Our Company Dynamics are Different

The way we foster a good work environment is through positive collaborations among our workers.

We believe everybody matters, meaning we value every worker’s input and output. When someone works for us, no matter what their role is, we want to know if they have any suggestions for improvements to our processes. That’s rarely a possibility at other companies.

Further still, we like to acknowledge those that go the extra mile with their work, and we will often promote from within when a position opens up.

And, the best part is that the jobs we offer are not seasonal jobs. Cemcast has a steady workload throughout the year, meaning no one will be laid off or have nothing to work on.

What Lies Ahead for Us

While still young, our company is experiencing monumental growth. We are constantly looking for more talent to join our team, and our name recognition and quality service is landing us new contracts daily.

Our plant has had multiple additions in our short history, allowing us to house all of our production under a roof in a controlled environment. Two buildings are dedicated to pipe production and one massive building is dedicated to precast box culverts, manholes, inlets and vaults.

And despite our expansion as one of the region’s leading precast concrete suppliers, we are still a family-run business that treats each employee with dignity and respect.

Now is the time to join our team and start working towards a better career and a better future. Please visit our careers page to apply, and if we have an open position we think would be a great fit for you, we’ll get in touch.

Carl V. Carlson

About the Author

Carl Carlson is president of Cemcast Pipe and Precast, a locally owned concrete manufacturing company based in Hartford, South Dakota, serving the Midwest region with quality products for underground and above-ground infrastructure.

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