Round Concrete Pipe


Reinforced concrete pipe is the most durable and longest-lasting pipe material available for underground usage. The service life for concrete culverts, storm sewers, and sanitary sewer pipe can exceed 100 years. Cemcast Pipe and Precast’s reinforced concrete pipe meets all ASTM C76 and ASTM C443 requirements and can be manufactured to custom specifications as well. Sanitary liner systems, made from high-density polyethylene, are also available.

Jacking Pipe

Horizontal drilling has been growing in popularity in recent years as a less disruptive way to install pipelines where population density, buildings, utilities or sensitive environments make it impractical to excavate long open stretches of earth. Cemcast supplies jacking pipe for this type of construction, such as a project in Rapid City, South Dakota, where we supplied the reinforced concrete pipe installed underneath a railroad line. The Class V RCP 48” featured an external bell band. The bell band ensures that the RCP will withstand the jacking forces. The railroad remained open during jacking operations.