End Treatments

Flared Ends for Round and Arch Pipe

Two concepts drive innovation at Cemcast Pipe and Precast:

  1. Attention to detail
  2. An understanding of the end user

We consider our products to be durable works of art that are highly engineered, focused on every detail and made to install easily.

Our arch pipe and round pipe flared ends are perfect examples of Cemcast innovations that pay big dividends for contractors. To enhance the structure and ease installation, we widened the outside dimension of the flared end to absorb the bell. Whether bell or spigot, the outside dimension of our flared ends is the same. This simple tweak makes our flared ends thicker and stronger.

To accomplish this, we eliminated the bulbous blob of concrete on the flared ends of the bell. Best of all, we designed the flared ends with a flat bottom, allowing the contractor to easily excavate the subgrade for flared end installation. Our flared ends also have straight, continuous outside dimensions.

Safety and ease of installation are engineered into all Cemcast products.

We know that handling an irregularly shaped, amorphous mass of concrete is often difficult and dangerous. So, rather than pounding a hole into the flared end wall, we cast lifting anchors into the flared ends to enhance safety and help ensure the easiest possible installation.

The result? Our customers make more profit installing our no-bell, flat bottom flared ends. And, our end users receive a much more durable, heavyweight product, ensuring a lifetime of no maintenance and high performance.