Reinforced Concrete Pipe

At Cemcast Pipe and Precast, we manufacture round pipe and arch pipe with a single-offset gasket joint. We are fairly unique in that we are one of just a few concrete pipe plants producing gasketed arch pipe in the United States. All Cemcast round pipe is designed for gasketed joints. The gasket creates a watertight joint to 13 psi. This extra enhancement makes installation easier for the contractor and ensures a watertight connection for many years to come. It also eliminates slow, labor-intensive processes in the field, such as applying mastic.

Gaskets eliminate the need for filter fabric, mastic, and equalization, enabling much faster installation. Also, because of our production methods, all pipe is the same length, allowing the contractor to push the pipe home without laying in a radius, thereby saving additional time.

Based in Hartford, South Dakota, Cemcast Pipe and Precast offers a diverse selection of precast concrete products to meet the most rigorous design criteria required by a professional engineer while providing the contractor a superior quality product that installs quickly without issue. We are committed to producing innovative concrete products with an exceptionally high level of quality, engineered to last a lifetime. We would be happy to discuss any of our products with you.