Precast Concrete Products

A Precast Solution for Everyone

Precast concrete products have revolutionized the infrastructure industry. Today’s highly engineered precast concrete structures are made to exacting standards in a climate-controlled plant and shipped to the jobsite. The precast concrete industry now offers an almost endless variety of products for above-ground and underground construction. From the largest infrastructure projects to the smallest architectural details, there’s a precast solution for all architects, engineers, and construction professionals.

At Cemcast Pipe and Precast, we are devoted to exceeding customer expectations with every single project. That’s why we offer high-quality precast concrete products to complement our top-tier concrete pipe product line. Precast concrete products have earned the reputation as the most durable and dependable materials available for infrastructure construction. At Cemcast Pipe and Precast, we set the bar high to ensure our company is as dependable as the products we manufacture.

We produce unlined manholes and manholes fitted with  GSE StudLiner , in addition to SDDOT inlet lids, and gasketed and non-gasketed storm sewer inlets. Box culverts, 3-sided structures, and SDDOT headwalls are the latest additions to our growing range of precast products.

concrete box culvert

Box Culverts

Precast Conrete Sanitary manhole

Sanitary Manholes

Transporting sanitary manholes

Drop Inlets & Catch Basins

Gasket install

Manhole Installation