The Industries We Serve

Precast concrete infrastructure takes many forms. That’s why Cemcast Pipe and Precast has developed a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of the industries we serve. Locally owned, and one of region’s top producers of precast concrete and reinforced concrete pipe, we are committed to manufacturing innovative concrete products to the highest quality standards for our customers, which include:

  • Departments of Transportation
  • City, counties, and rural water associations
  • Sanitary improvement districts and road districts
  • Residential and commercial developments

There is virtually no road, parking lot, sanitary sewer system or grading project that does not rely on precast concrete or reinforced concrete pipe as a critical component. Cemcast Pipe and Precast products are manufactured under exacting standards in our climate-controlled facility to deliver decades of durable service. Here’s a look at our key markets and the products that are helping build a resilient, long-lasting infrastructure in our communities:

Stormwater and wastewater systems

Stormwater and sewer systems need to be watertight to prevent pollution of the surrounding ecosystem. That’s why we take extra care to ensure that our round pipe, arch pipe and manholes are watertight to 13 psi, ensuring no infiltration or exfiltration. We even gasket manholes and inlets to make them watertight as well. Gaskets also allow contractors to save time and labor on the jobsite because they are easier to install. Lined concrete sanitary manholes and concrete pipe will last a century or more, making precast concrete and pipe the best value over the life of the product.

Interstate, highways and county roads

In addition to the precast concrete drainage products that are integral to most road projects, many county roads and interstate highways use box culverts to allow the passage of large amounts of water under a roadway. As aging infrastructure falls into disrepair and fails, box culverts are now considered the ideal solution for replacing wooden bridges and shorter span bridges on county roads.

Environmental products

Precast concrete water detention systems enable stormwater to be collected and stored underground. Cemcast Pipe and Precast box culverts are perfect for these underground systems, which mitigate flooding and minimize the impact on wetlands and sensitive ecosystems. The best part is that these systems not only store and convey water, they also provide the necessary structure due to the inherent strength of precast concrete. Among the most versatile of precast products, box culverts can also be used for environmental service, such as pedestrian bike path tunnels under roadways or safe passage for wildlife under busy highways.

At Cemcast Pipe and Precast, we make products that range in size from small diameter pipe to 120” manholes to structures weighing up to 93,000 pounds. But whether your needs are large or small, you’ll find that a common thread runs through everything we do: our commitment to superior quality, dependable service, and innovative solutions for our customers. Contact us today to learn how Cemcast Pipe and Precast can make your next project a big success.