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    Why Cemcast?

Cemcast Pipe & Precast

Because of our contracting roots we understand your needs. To be as profitable as possible, you need quality material on-site when you are ready to dig. At Cemcast Pipe and Precast, we are committed to delivering quality pipe and precast products on your schedule. This gives you the best opportunity to meet your production goals.

At Cemcast, we have set the bar high to ensure our company is as dependable as the concrete products we produce. Call us today and let us put our concrete expertise to work for you.

We guarantee:

  • On-time delivery: Your order will arrive when promised. The order will be correct. You will receive quality materials that will make your inspector smile.
  • Best quality available: We care. We are locally owned and our name is on our product. We will deliver pipe and precast that exceeds all applicable specifications. You can rely on our extensive concrete knowledge to deliver a quality product.
  • DOT Certified Material: All of our material will be DOT Certified. All RCP pipe and precast concrete will be constructed from DOT approved aggregates and materials.

In our market-place, concrete pipe has become the most economical material for conveying storm water. Concrete pipe contributes 90% of the structural strength of the soil/pipe system whereas High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe comprises only 5% of the strength of the soil/pipe system. 95% of the flexible pipe soil/pipe structure comes from properly installed bedding material. Concrete pipe does not require the same amount of bedding material flexible pipe requires. Flexible pipe must be installed correctly to ensure the characteristics used in the design phase exist after installation. Flexible pipe must be installed according to Section 30 of AASHTO standards which requires a mandrel or laser test for deflection 30 days minimum after installation. In the price comparisons, after factoring in the vast difference in backfill requirements for concrete pipe versus flexible pipe, concrete pipe is significantly less expensive straight-up when compared to flexible pipe. We hope you will stop by Cemcast located just south of Buffalo Ridge off I-90.

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Hartford, South Dakota