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    Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Cemcast supplies a wide variety of markets from the government sector to public water treatment systems and commercial development projects. Most our project jobs are public bids for state Departments of Transportation, cities and municipalities, and county road departments. Precast concrete offers many advantages with endless design possibilities, the longest life cycle in the industry, and unrivaled speed of installation. With today’s design capabilities in the precast industry, you can demand the best from your municipal stormwater and sanitary sewer systems. Using precast concrete our sewer systems, and drainage culverts can be installed faster than ever and capable of withstanding centuries of abuse. Ask us how our products can help build a better tomorrow for our country’s infrastructure.

Cemcast Pipe and Precast offers solid, dependable concrete products for flood mitigation, water detention, and minimizing our impact on ecosystems, we partner in joint efforts to improve our world and the communities in which we serve. The speed and versatility of precast concrete products maximizes commercial development construction schedules and usability of valuable land and property. Our box culverts and structures can be incorporated to detain water underground with the strength to hold a parking lot above. We are committed to producing innovative concrete products with an exceptionally high level of quality. We would be glad to discuss any of our products with you.

  • Public Water Treatment Systems
  • Government Projects
  • Wetland Conservation Areas 
  • Agricultural
  • Commercial Development Projects
  • Municipalities and City Infrastructure
Concrete for city projects

48” RCP Bell End